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I will be streaming Sometime around the first weekend of July.

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If you wanted to spice things up on your server and have a few classic games for people to play consider adding this mod. You'll get a Mario styled game where you need to collect coins and avoid the turtles. Also included is Pacmine, similar to Pacman, in two sizes. Collect the pellets and avoid the ghosts. There is also a highscore node so you can see how many points people have earned playing the games.

The boards/nodes can only be gotten by using creative inventory or using the following /giveme commands.
/giveme mario:placer
/giveme pacmine:classic_board
/giveme pacmine:mini_board
/giveme myhighscore:score_board

To exit a pacmine game without having to use up all your lives to be kicked use this command: /pacmine_exit

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