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I want to kill myself

Yes, you read that right, I want to kill myself. There are so many fun and novel ways in which one can end their life, I'd love to try some out, knowing of course I can only pick one, 'cause once I'm dead I can't die again. HOWEVER as it turns out committing suicide is frowned upon, and if you don't succeed you might be placed under mandated psychiatric observation.

Making a timelapse in Linux

Hey guys, I've done a lot of searching, trying to find a program I could use to take screenshots of my desktop, or even a window, at certain increments, so I could then make them into a timelapse video. I'm here to report I haven't found anything, but I've made, with a little help from a few websites, something that works just as well. I'm going to walk you through all the steps in this blog post.

Gun Control

In the wake of the Colorado theater shooting politicians and people are going to be pushing for "gun control"* as if one more law will stop somebody from going on a shooting spree. This guy went into a theater, where, from what I've heard, you weren't suppose to have guns. He's broken one law, shooting people, another law. There probably are more laws he broke as well, but did any of the laws stop him?

Emotionally Charged Cartoon

Ohhhh, be careful when they start using the old emotion trick. Doesn't this image, just tug at your heart, make you forget all logic, and believe just what it's saying? Whenever somebody has to rely on emotion to make you agree with them, you gotta be careful. So lets dissect this, by reading it, I am led to believe that we are suppose to think that Guns, Warships, and Rockets are bad, or even EVIL, is that the case though? (I'm going to break this down bit by bit, for it has errors on several levels.)

Milwaukee PC

Sorry to break my Linux topic trend, but this is Random Techy Rants after all. I'll be getting back to my Linux posts after this post, but I recently went to Milwaukee PC and they left a BAD taste in my mouth, so I did what any good blogger would do, make a blog post complaining about them.

Bad Examples

This short story I had to write whilst in high-school.