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     Time for a quick blog post about Cortina. What's Cortina you ask, well let me tell you.

Gramps Genealogy System #2

     I am back, with part two of this introduction to Gramps.

Gramps Genealogy System #1

     For those people that are big into Family Trees, or just like having visual representations of everything, that's me by the way, gramps is an important tool in your arsenal.


     For those of you that are long time followers of my blog you'll remember me reviewing Windows Live Photo Gallery, and

Demo Reel

I've finally put together a demo reel, after being a Blender user to like three years. I didn't follow, what I assume, is the normal way of creating a demo reel, which would be taking you work and putting it together into a video.

Music Beta

Google has done it again, released an amazing online feature, and it's free, and I'm kinda overly enthused about it, as I always am about new Google features.


     Have you ever wished you didn't have to send yourself an email to store a file online? Have you wished that you could access those files that you don't have with you? Well I could have a solution for you.

Brother MFC-J615W Ink Refilling

Recently I filled the ink in our printer, a Brother MFC-J615W, I have filled other ink cartridges in the past, and in most cases I had found websites telling how to get that cartridges open, but in this case I couldn’t, so I decided that I would help out other people like me, and give some instructi


     I think everybody knows it's important to back up important data. I've long done this, to a portable hard drive.

Google Analytics

I've just set up Google Analytics on a website I admin,


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