November '17 earnings

     So I realize that it's a little late, like almost the middle of the month, but better late than never.

October '17 Earnings

     My earnings this month are honestly better than I expected.

September '17 Earnings

     September was a pretty good month, made four dollars and twenty-six cents. With releasing fewer and fewer videos on my old channel there have been less views, and with less views obviously less revenue.

August '17 Earnings

     Hey everybody, so it turns out that I'm not dead, I'm sure that's what many of you were thinking when I didn't put out a blog post last month with my earnings. Well here's the deal.

I'm a home owner!

As some of you probably already know I’ve recently purchased a home and have begun moving in. This has led to a decrease in my Minetest video production, but not too worry. I have a bank of videos that will cover my short absence until I can start recording again.

June '17 Earnings

     I feel like I need to start this off with a great big, huge THANK YOU to everybody that watched and shared my videos this month. By some seemingly impossibly feat I made more money this month than any other to date. I brought in 6.47 on youtube, which is amazing.

May '17 Earnings

     This month was good on YouTube, fourth highest earnings to date.

April '17 Earnings

     April has come and gone, and while at the beginning my ad earnings were really low, they managed to pull themselves back up to a respectable amount and I ended the month for four dollars and thirty-six cents.

March '17 Earnings

     The Month of March went by so quickly, but that is what happens when you're busy doing what you love. Nothing too much to report this month, I continued to pump out Youtube videos at a maddening pace. I should probably say recorded videos at a maddening pace.

February '17 Earnings

     February has been a record breaking month here at, uhhh, whatever we want to call this, my website and online presence, I guess. I hit five-hundred subscribers on youtube on the 23rd, which is super exciting.


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