Tutorial: DOSBox Emulator

     I'm running with the linux theme yet, but I've a friend who just discovered DOSBox Emulator, and has these old MS-DOS games, but couldn't play them until now. Even now the games can't be played without knowing how to use DOSBox Emulator, so without further ado.

Laptop Fan DIY

     Hello everybody, in this blog post I'm going to be showing how to create a simple, but effective, laptop cooling fan.
     There are few supplies you will need.


Have you ever wanted to download an album of photos from on facebook, but didn't want to have to download each image individually? I know I sure did want to, and so I looked around for something that would do this.

Brother MFC-J615W Ink Refilling

Recently I filled the ink in our printer, a Brother MFC-J615W, I have filled other ink cartridges in the past, and in most cases I had found websites telling how to get that cartridges open, but in this case I couldn’t, so I decided that I would help out other people like me, and give some instructi


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