Removing the battery on a 2007 Honda Silverwing

     Removing the battery on a 2007 Honda Silverwing is as simple as opening the seat and removing the screw from the battery cover and then removing the two bolts from the t

Creating long exposure firework images from a video


If/Else statements in Conky

     So I use Conky to monitor my system and give me valuable information. I also switch between using WiFi and a direct Ethernet connection, for a long time I've only been able to see what kind of speed I have going with my WiFi through my Conky setup.

Brother MFC-J430W Ink Refilling


Making a timelapse in Linux

     Hey guys, I've done a lot of searching, trying to find a program I could use to take screenshots of my desktop, or even a window, at certain increments, so I could then make them into a timelapse video.

Multi Blender Launcher

<Disclaimer>This blog post really only applies to people running Linux with the Cinnamon interface, if you're not using those, this blog will be of no use to you.</Disclaimer>

Gourmet Recipe Manager

     Are you the cheffy type, is that even a word? Do you like to cook? Are you looking for a way to go digital with your recipes? Well if you answered yes to any of the above you NEED to know about Gourmet Recipe Manager.

Gramps Genealogy System #2

     I am back, with part two of this introduction to Gramps.

Gramps Genealogy System #1

     For those people that are big into Family Trees, or just like having visual representations of everything, that's me by the way, gramps is an important tool in your arsenal.


      Let's get back to some fun Linux stuff. Yay. I'm going to be going over a program that I've just recently figured out how to use, and am really enjoying. It's called Conky, and this is how it's described.


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