Variety (Part 2)


If/Else statements in Conky

     So I use Conky to monitor my system and give me valuable information. I also switch between using WiFi and a direct Ethernet connection, for a long time I've only been able to see what kind of speed I have going with my WiFi through my Conky setup.


     What a title, right? well it so happens that Kazam is the name of a Linux screen recording program, and not just a sound effect for super heroes, though I will say the creators of this program are super heroes in my books. :)


     Time for a quick blog post about Cortina. What's Cortina you ask, well let me tell you.


      Let's get back to some fun Linux stuff. Yay. I'm going to be going over a program that I've just recently figured out how to use, and am really enjoying. It's called Conky, and this is how it's described.
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