Film grain in Blender

     I had to add some film grain to a composite a while back, and searched around on the web for a simple, yet good looking way to do this.

Free CD Tower Model

In the course of two days, I made this model, probably about three hours total modeling time. I rendered it with Cycles, about 250 passes on this image. The model was modeled after a physical CD tower I have, 'cept mine is full of albums.

The Life of Christ

     I've had the privilege to work with a great team for the last eighteen months or so, and we've just released a feature length film entitled The Life of Christ. The film is a documentary of Jesus' life, huge surprise there.

Trim Profiles for Blender

My latest submission to

Creating long exposure firework images from a video


Tricks to speed up freestyle rendering

    Freestyle is a fairly new feature in Blender, and there is much learning to be done on the topic. Today I'm going to be giving a few tips on how to speed up your freestyle renders.

Merry Christmas 2012

A Quick Blender Tip

A really quick Blender tip on how to straighten the camera out when having it follow a path.

Multi Blender Launcher

<Disclaimer>This blog post really only applies to people running Linux with the Cinnamon interface, if you're not using those, this blog will be of no use to you.</Disclaimer>

Demo Reel

I've finally put together a demo reel, after being a Blender user to like three years. I didn't follow, what I assume, is the normal way of creating a demo reel, which would be taking you work and putting it together into a video.


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