Software Blender/GIMP
Time Taken ???
License CC by-SA 4.0
I built these models for a mod that DonBatman and I worked on. He did most all of the coding and I did all the modeling. The mod actually has some extra meshes that aren't included in this download because they aren't all that great, and I didn't feel like anybody would be looking for those. If you are check out the github repository for the mod where you can nab all the files. If you want to see what other models are in the mod check out my review of it here.
Extra pictures

Minetest Stargate

A low-poly stargate model
Software Blender/GIMP
Time Taken 30 Minutes
License CC by-SA 4.0
I created this simple, low poly, stargate for a friend who wanted it for a Minetest mod. When I learn what the mod is, and where it can be downloaded from, I'll update this text to provide that link and further information.
Lets look at how to create our own mobs. 2 of 3

Silverfish Model

Silverfish Render
Software Blender
Time Taken 45 Minutes
License CC By-SA 4.0
I was contacted by a friend of a friend and asked to make a silverfish model for TenPlus1's Mob mod for Minetest. I threw this together in around an hour. Exporting to .b3d took more time to get right than making the model did.
Lets look at how to create our own mobs. 1 of 3

Blender Quick Tip: Selective UV unwrapping

     Here again with another Blender quick tip, this time we're looking at how to selectively unwrap your mesh in Blender.

Blender Quick Tip: AO Baking

     Hello guys, I'm here with another Blender quick tip, today we're looking at AO baking, there really isn't much too it, and I'm confident you'll be able to figure it out after watching this video.

Fixing mesh problems in Minetest

     Okay, so that might not be the best title in the world, but in this blog post I'm going to be going over how to fix lighting issues with meshes exported from Blender and then used in the massively popular voxel game, Minetes
Part 2 of using meshes in Minetest
a quick overview on using Blender to make meshes for Minetest.


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