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Software Blender/GIMP
Time Taken 1.5 Hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
I was summoned to create these models for an individual that was creating a banking mod for Minetest that needed card readers, an ATM machine, and a computer for a bank teller. Once the mod was released and I got around to it, I decided that I should probably add these files to my portfolio and let the world take advantage of my wonderful modeling skillz :P
In this video I'm giving an introduction to Blender and how to navigate around.


Software Blender/GIMP
Time Taken 1 Hour
License CC By-SA 4.0
One day I was minding my own business lurking in IRC when somebody said they wanted a penguin model, so I now present the world with a penguin model, suitable for use in Minetest. I may update the texture at some point, as right now it is just flat colors, and I usually like to add in a little shading, and color variation within the textures.
Model has animation for idle, attack, and walking.
Download includes .blend, .b3d, UV_map and Col_map, also a text file with the animation frames.

If you are looking for the Minetest mod that I created with this model please look here.

Virtual Studio

Software Blender
Time Taken 6 Hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
Download Virtual-Studio.tar.gz
I had a friend that wanted me to make him some graphics for a virtual studio, as the set he was working with were only 1080 and he needed something with higher resolution so the images could be zoomed in to match the footage they were using.
I created this and rendered out same frames in 4K and even more in 1080p but we both agreed that this layout really didn't have a very good look to it, so I scrapped it. The plan was to create content to sell, but with not being overly happy with how this set turned out I decided to just give it away instead.
I do still plan to create some sets for purchase at some point in the future, but right now I just have too many other things going on that require my attention.

Download includes the .blend file, and a handful of rendered frames. The frames are built in layers so you can mask other footage in.

Juice press

Low poly juice press and storage tanks.
Software Blender/GIMP
Time Taken 1.75 Hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
A low poly juice press, and barrel and silo to store juice in. I created these for a Minetest mod that I made, but thought others might have some use for them.

The download includes the .blend file with the three models, and the three textures.

Cat5 TV 360 Intro

Software Blender
Time Taken 20 hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
     This was my first time ever creating or working with 360 video. I knew Blender was capable of doing it, as I've seen a few clips that the Blender foundation has posted of some of their projects that Google had worked with them to create 360 version of.
     With 360 video still being a newish thing, and rather niche, there weren't a whole lot of tutorials to learn from, and some things I just had to figure out on my own, though I will say that being familiar with Blender certainly helped a lot. I did have to learn how to bake image textures with Cycles, which I'd never done before, but as it turns out it actually really easy, just takes a lot of time for the computer to calculate the image data. Had I not baked the textures I would have been looking at about thirty minutes per frame, and the animation was one-thousand, two-hundred frames which would have killed me. With the baked textures render time dropped to about thirty seconds, which is still a decent amount of time for a clip of that length, but is much easier to deal with.
     Robbie, from Category5 TV, contacted me with a link video clip that somebody else had created and asked if I could create something like it for the premier episode of season ten which Category5 TV was planning to broadcast in 360 video. I looked the video over, and checked into some things, and decided that yes, it should be entirely possible for me to pull it off with the time frame I was given.
     There were a lot of things I had to figure out, and aspects of rendering a scene that were just completely changed with 360 video, for example there is no off camera, everything in the scene the camera picks up, as it is 360, so that means things that the camera would never directly point at had to be modeled. Think of taking a picture, you only have to worry about what is in front of the camera, but with 360 you need to worry about what is behind, above, below, to the left, and to the right, way more work needs to be put into the environment to pull of 360 video, or photography.
     Rather than being compensated with cash, I'll be getting links to my website shared in the show notes, and they plan on interviewing me at some point where I'll be talking about the creation of the clip, so that could potentially pull in a good amount of new subscribers to my channel. (I have 400 subs, they have about 5K) In addition to that they're sending me an HD webcam to use for the interview, and then for anything else after that, and that's got about a seventy dollar value, so I think it's a decent enough amount. Realistically speaking for something that took this much time I should have charged quite a bit more, but I'm still a nobody, and people don't know me as a freelance artist.

     I recorded a behind the scenes video about the creation of the file and how to use it if you want to create your own animation, or just want to use the file as a sample to give you a starting point.

     The download includes the baked textures for the walls, ceiling, and floor. The videos that sit in the frames are not included, nor are the other graphics that decorate the hall, as those aren't something you need, and I don't have permission to distribute them. Please note the download is just over 200MB, as the baked textures are all PNGs and are rather high resolution.

Low-poly Cacti

Software Blender/Krita
Time Taken 30 Minutes
License CC By-SA 4.0
I created these cacti to bring a little more life to the otherwise dull and boring desserts in Minetest. Of course they can be used for any low poly animation or as game art. Download includes the .blend file with both models, and all the textures you see in the preview image, and a version of the prickly pear that doesn't have the flower on it.


Software Blender/GIMP
Time Taken ?
License CC By-SA 4.0
I created these goats for a mod, which never actually was completed. The he goat did make it into a mod, but that's it, I've had the she goat and the kid sitting on a drive on my computer for a while with nothing happening to them, so I thought it would be only fitting to upload them to my website and share them with the world.

Hidden Blender Animations


Banth header image
Software Blender/Gimp
Time Taken ~4 Hours
License CC by-SA 4.0
The mighty Banth is a mythical/fantasy creature, much like a lion in shape and form, one major difference is that the Banth, unlike the lion, has no hair, save for a mighty mane. Banths are/were feared creatures that could probably rip a person to pieces in a matter of seconds. Oh, they also had ten legs, though this representation only has eight.

On a more serious note, I created this model for use on a Minetest server, which I'll list here when I discover what server that is. The overall creation time was probably close to four hours, I have a timer that runs in Blender and records time worked on the file but I don't know how that handles time when Blender isn't the active window. Also I was switching back and forth between Blender and GIMP while creating the textures.

I created a time lapse of the entire project that you can watch below, and as always the finished product is free to download by using the link above. The download includes, the .Blend model with animation, the texture, AO and UV maps and as an added bonus the .XCF file from GIMP with all the layers needed to change the textures to your liking. If you are wanting to download the mod for Minetest please click here.

The file has been updated since this video was made, the walk cycle has been changed a bit, the body now bobs up and down a little bit, and I think the legs operate better, other than that everything is the same as the video below shows.


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