I'll be streaming December 8th, mark your calendars today!


IRC (freenode): 
This server is running on a Raspberry Pi, so please don't expect superb performance. Lag can spike up to about seven seconds, but normally is very playable.

As a necessity this server records your IP, if you aren't okay with that please stop playing on the server and send me an email asking for your account and account data to be deleted. I will require some verification to prove that you are the account owner, please don't try to abuse this as I will know you're lying to me. Along those lines while I don't personally log chat messages they are sent to IRC, and anybody connected to the IRC channel can be logging messages, so keep that in mind when chatting. Non-chat methods of communication are not sent to IRC, but may be logged by the server, depending on what method is used. I usually keep the debug log for about a week before deleting it, so there is a good chance your message will be logged for about a week. If there is something you want/need to report please do so as soon as possible or the logs of the event may be deleted.

You can report errors via email, on the IRC channel, or the discord.

This server is connected to the ##minetest-factions IRC channel. All chat messages get relayed to the IRC channel. If you want to omit a message from being posted on IRC preface it was [off]

Contact me at Nathan(at)nathansalapat.com and include FrostFactions in the subject so the message can be properly filtered.