Virtual Studio

Software Blender
Time Taken 6 Hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
Download Virtual-Studio.tar.gz
I had a friend that wanted me to make him some graphics for a virtual studio, as the set he was working with were only 1080 and he needed something with higher resolution so the images could be zoomed in to match the footage they were using.
I created this and rendered out same frames in 4K and even more in 1080p but we both agreed that this layout really didn't have a very good look to it, so I scrapped it. The plan was to create content to sell, but with not being overly happy with how this set turned out I decided to just give it away instead.
I do still plan to create some sets for purchase at some point in the future, but right now I just have too many other things going on that require my attention.

Download includes the .blend file, and a handful of rendered frames. The frames are built in layers so you can mask other footage in.

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