Banth header image
Software Blender/Gimp
Time Taken ~4 Hours
License CC by-SA 4.0
The mighty Banth is a mythical/fantasy creature, much like a lion in shape and form, one major difference is that the Banth, unlike the lion, has no hair, save for a mighty mane. Banths are/were feared creatures that could probably rip a person to pieces in a matter of seconds. Oh, they also had ten legs, though this representation only has eight.

On a more serious note, I created this model for use on a Minetest server, which I'll list here when I discover what server that is. The overall creation time was probably close to four hours, I have a timer that runs in Blender and records time worked on the file but I don't know how that handles time when Blender isn't the active window. Also I was switching back and forth between Blender and GIMP while creating the textures.

I created a time lapse of the entire project that you can watch below, and as always the finished product is free to download by using the link above. The download includes, the .Blend model with animation, the texture, AO and UV maps and as an added bonus the .XCF file from GIMP with all the layers needed to change the textures to your liking. If you are wanting to download the mod for Minetest please click here.

The file has been updated since this video was made, the walk cycle has been changed a bit, the body now bobs up and down a little bit, and I think the legs operate better, other than that everything is the same as the video below shows.