Express your individuality with your own clothing colors.
Sometimes you find yourself needing a little more portable storage than what you can carry on your person in game.
This mod adds twenty new decorative building nodes, no longer do you need to build houses out of just wood and cobble, decorate things up a little bit and build something pretty.
If you wanted to spice things up on your server and have a few classic games for people to play consider adding this mod.
Have you ever wanted better fences, that connected at the ends to the nodes they ran into, or walls that weren't a full node thick and also connected to adjoining nodes in a sane fashion.
Are you tired of building with just cubic nodes? if so the noncubic mod is just for you. This mod adds about a dozen noncubic shapes that you can make out of a number of materials and beautify your builds.
This is an older mod, but it still works just fine.
This mod makes some small changes to the size of some of the wield items, swords, ingots, lumps, and diamonds. It also make changes to the obsidian glass blocks.
This mod is part of a larger modpack, I didn't realize that at the time of recording.
Beacons can be very helpful for finding your way when exploring or for sending messages to people without having to chat and let everybody on the server know what's going on.
As you might guess from the title this mod makes your torches light up the area around you. Unlike some older versions of the mod this does not require you to be wielding the torch, it just needs to be in your hotbar.
This mod adds several board games and a difficult to traverse race. The mod is more suited for multiplayer than single player as the games have little single player ability.
This mod brings a handful of cars to your minetest worlds. There are four styles of cars, in several different colors, get them with creative inventory or by using the giveme command.
In this mod review we'll be looking at a rather old mod, was released in 2013, it still works, but has a few problems.
Finally something to populate the Mines and Caves in your Minetest worlds. Watch out though, these guys can be pretty mean.
This mod adds several new nodes which come in a variety of materials. You can make industrial or medieval styled structures.
Let's take a look at the Campfire mod.
In this mod review we're looking at the Industrial Lights mod, which adds a new light source, in several colors.
The Ethereal mod adds so many new nodes and features that it could almost be a subgame all its own.
The framed glass mod adds a handful of new nodes, colored glass mostly.
Today we'll be looking at the Bamboo mod for Minetest. This mod adds a new plant, bamboo, and bamboo blocks and slabs. Bamboo can also be used in any recipe that calls for wood.


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