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It's been a while, and I've probably partially covered this in other videos, but I thought it would be good to devote a video entirely to how to use multiple materials on one node. There are a handful of reasons to want to do this, you might have several nodes that have parts that are the same between them, and it would be useful to reuse the texture on all of the nodes, without needing to make each nodes texture contain that texture.

Here is a potentially helpful graphic that explains the settings that I use by default for exporting files that I will be using in Minetest. Feel free to experiment around and find what works best for you.
My export settings.

mylandscaping mod
mylandscaping.zip (A few of the models from the landscaping mod)
Forum topic

Example Code:
mesh = "Madison_walls.obj",
tiles = {
        {name = "new_mod_barrel.png"},{name = "Mywalls_cement.png"}

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