Graphics/Models/Sounds updated Wed, 05/16/2018 - 13:06

     If you ever find yourself needing some graphics or models, and you lack the time or skills to create them here are some great resources where you can find free to use materials. Licensing varies from item to item, so be sure to take note, and follow the restrictions and usage guidelines. This page will grow with time as people suggest other sites to list.
This is probably the largest resource of free material, the site has a bit of everything, 2d and 3d art, textures, music, and sound effects. It has a very good search which lets you select license information, resource type, tags and title. Truly a must for any aspiring modder.
A massive collection of sound effects, under a handful of different licenses. The search tool lets you select license, record bitrate, and a handful of other audiophile options. You'll likely find something you can use for you sound effect needs.