Sat, Jul 2 - 2016
Mon, May 23 - 2016

     Therapy Session released on April 22nd 2016 and is NF's second release (If we don't count the EP), the album clocks in at just under an hour (58:11), the album lives up to it's title, therapy session. NF opens up and really lays his heart on the table.

     Intro 2 is a great opening track, as his first album, Mansion, started with Intro. This makes a great sequel track, is that even a thing? He starts by asking if we've missed him, and then goes right into what we can expect from this new album, making several great...
Sat, May 21 - 2016

     For a very long time I've wanted to put lights into my computer case, but never got around to it. Honestly the only reason I've wanted to is because my PSU (Power Supply Unit) came with lights in it, and I figured that if I already had some light I should complete the job and add more lighting.
     When I upgraded to 32 GB of ram I had more reason than ever to add the case lights because now there was more to show off. I started by looking at some kits online, but they were all rather expensive, and I didn't need any stinking kit, I'm...

Wed, Apr 13 - 2016

    I am changing up a few things on my Youtube channel, though they won't all be immediately evident, as I have a backlog of videos that will have to be posted before the new videos with the changes will be public on youtube. Starting in about a month my videos will be monetized as soon as they are posted publicly(this means they will have those annoying ads that everybody hates.) You can avoid these ads by either visiting my website and checking the videos out when I post them, or by following me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as I always share the videos as soon as they...

Wed, Mar 16 - 2016
     I've been playing Minetest on a certain server, and have been watching things through the IRC quite a bit, and I've noticed multiple times while just watching the IRC that people are talking about being griefed so I thought to myself, there must be a way to create a little script that can run through the logs and detect bad behavior. I'm no expert when it comes to the command line and bash, but I bashed a little something together, (pun intended) and created a working script.


cd $(dirname $0)

TIME=$(date "+%y-%m-%d")...
Fri, Feb 26 - 2016
     So for some reason spam bots seem to really like this article, and have tried to post around eighty comments to it at the time of this writing. I get emails for each comment posted and have to approve them so my posts don't get flooded with spam. Some of the comments have been really amusing though, and so I thought I'd share them with you, so without further ado.

From: dating site
It's hard to come by educated people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you're talking about!

Umm, I guess thanks, I didn't...
Wed, Feb 24 - 2016

     Life Screams is the first solo album from Lacey Sturm (former lead singer of Flyleaf), and was released on February 12th 2016.
     My relationship with Flyleaf has an odd start, back in two-thousand eight Third Day released their album Revelation which had a track "Run to You" that featured Lacey. I fell in love with her voice right away, and shortly thereafter discovered Flyleaf, and have been a fan since.
     As a long time fan of Flyleaf I was saddened when Lacey made the decision to leave Flyleaf...
Wed, Feb 10 - 2016

     I've just added a new page to my Minetest collection, tutorials! Now these tutorials won't be modding tutorials, as they already have a section of their own, but tutorials on how to install mods, texturepacks, subgames, how to set up servers, gameplay related things to the engine. I already have a few such videos made, so the page has four videos linked already, each with all their related links and such to make everything simple and easy to use.
     I have a plan to do a series of shorts on the complete basics of Minetest, how to create worlds,...

Wed, Jan 13 - 2016

     Throttling your internet might seem crazy, I mean why would you ever want to have slow internet? Well consider this, you have multiple machines on the same network, a couple laptops, a few desktops, cell phones, tablets, you get the idea. Say you decide you want to upload a video to youtube, but don't want to eat up all your upload speeds doing that, now if you had a nice router you could probably limit the upload speeds on a device basis, but for those of us that are stuck with garbage routers that isn't an option. Introducing TC, this has been around for years I'...

Tue, Jan 5 - 2016
     Pallets have often been considered as a great option for diy projects, a quick look on Pinterest will yield thousands of results. As such many people seem to think that finding pallets is an easy thing to do, I found the opposite to be true. Honestly the hardest part of this project was probably just finding the pallet. I work in retail, but we send all our pallets back, I thought maybe other places maybe didn't, but looking behind all the local businesses it appeared as if they were sending their pallets back as well. Which if you think about it makes complete sense,...


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