Sun, Nov 27 - 2011
     Hello everybody, in this blog post I'm going to be showing how to create a simple, but effective, laptop cooling fan.      There are few supplies you will need.
    A 12 Volt fan.   A USB cord. It's easier if it already just has two wires coming out.   Lead solder. Kids, don't eat this stuff!     Electric Tape   Soldering Iron
     Once you gather all the...
Sun, Jul 17 - 2011

    My story is about the yellow house down the rode with the dirty, broken windows. I was once dared to climb through one of its broken windows to discover what was inside. I being no coward accepted the challenge, but as I climbed through I noticed bats flying around; I still to this day don’t know if they were vampire bats. Having always heard about the dreadful nature of bats going around attacking people and sucking their blood out you can understand why I almost turned back. I turned on my flashlight and proceeded to shine it back and forth this seemed to calm the...

Sun, Jul 17 - 2011

A Dragon

    “I fear it’s true my lad.”
    “What father? That a dragon really lives around here.”
     “Yes Fredric just the other day the neighbor says a green thing started a huge fire. The people are asking the king to send out an army to kill the dragon.”
     “Father do you think there is a chance that I will be able to go?”
     “I see no reason why you couldn’t. You’re a knight you’re young. The king will want young men to chase the dragon.”...

Sun, Jul 17 - 2011

     “Andrew Berkly Thomas!” The shout rang loud and clear.
     “What could it possibly be now?” Andrew muttered under his breath, “I haven’t been doing anything.” Slowly, dragging his feet, he shuffled toward the school door.
     “What teacher” he said with obvious disgust in his voice, “I ain’t been doing nothing.”
     “Haven’t been doing anything.” she sternly corrected.
     “Ain’t that what I said.”
     “No that’s not what you said, but...

Wed, Jun 29 - 2011
Google has done it again, released an amazing online feature, and it's free, and I'm kinda overly enthused about it, as I always am about new Google features.

So what have the Google people created this time? Well it's called Music Beta and it's an online service. Basically you upload your music collection, up to 20,000 tracks, for FREE, and then you can listen to it on any device that has Internet, by logging into your Google account. If you have an Android phone there is an app for it, otherwise you can just visit the site with the browser on your phone.
I have about a 5,...
Wed, May 25 - 2011
     Have you ever wished you didn't have to send yourself an email to store a file online? Have you wished that you could access those files that you don't have with you? Well I could have a solution for you.
     It's called DropBox and they have a free version, well not really a version, but a free two GB option, which you can grow up to eight GB by referring friends and completing a getting started tutorial. Each friend who signs up after you refer them grows your storage space by 250 MB, or a quarter of a GB, completing the tutorial gives you...
Wed, Apr 20 - 2011
Have you ever wanted to download an album of photos from on facebook, but didn't want to have to download each image individually? I know I sure did want to, and so I looked around for something that would do this.
You would be surprised if I gave you the number of programs that claimed to work, and didn't. Apps on facebook, addons in FireFox, but then I found this, and it worked very nicely. Download it here. There are a few aspects I didn't like, like how it didn't use the captions from the photos for titles, but that's okay.
After logging in Facebook in...
Fri, Feb 4 - 2011
     If you remember reading my post about Windows Live Photo Gallery you'll know how I was ranting about how cool it was, well I've found something I like even more.
     It's called Picasa, from Google. It has many of the same features as Windows Live Photo Gallery, but it's from Google, and it seems to be a good bit faster, Google always has the fastest programs. Google finds faces, and will try and recommend who they are, from other persons in your collection, and I'...
Mon, Dec 27 - 2010
Recently I filled the ink in our printer, a Brother MFC-J615W, I have filled other ink cartridges in the past, and in most cases I had found websites telling how to get that cartridges open, but in this case I couldn’t, so I decided that I would help out other people like me, and give some instructions on how to do this.

I recommend you read all the instructions before trying this, and then follow along step by step as you do it. Refilling ink, if done correctly, is much cheaper than buying new cartridges all the time.   My cluttered work area.
  The parts of the...
Mon, Dec 20 - 2010
     I think everybody knows it's important to back up important data. I've long done this, to a portable hard drive. Every single one of The Bible Animated's files are safely stored on a portable hard-drive, the trouble is, it's stored about two feet away from my laptop, so if something ruined my laptop, say a fire, it'd ruin the portable hard-drive as well.
     Well Aldi just had 8GB flash-drives on sale, for only 10 dollars, I know a good deal when I see one, and that is a great deal, so I bought three of them. Now I've backed up all of the...


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