Variety (Part 2)

     Welcome back, if you haven't read part 1 you can find it here.

     We'll be looking at more of the options that Variety gives us, starting with the Manual downloading tab.

     Manual downloading is actually pretty cool, say you're browsing the web, and stumble upon a cool picture that you'd like to have as a desktop background, well you can just click'n'drag that image, or URL and drop it on the Variety icon in your status bar and the image will be saved to your Fetched folder. P.S. This does not seem to work with Cinnamon, I've tried with both Firefox and Google Chrome, and no go.

     Effects, sometimes you just want to add a bit more variety to your images, and you have several options you can use by default, you can actually create others of your own, more on that later. I should point out that if you have images with large resolutions, you might notice your system slowing down momentarily while the effect is applied, if the image is oh say twenty MB and the random filter is something like, oh Heavy blur, your system might just become unresponsive, yes that happened to me, some photography from NASA. If your background images are standard size you probably won't even notice your computer applying the effect, unless you have a really old computer.
     Quotes are cool, and everybody likes to throw them around, well you can get them on your desktop, I'm fairly certain they are all pulled from QuotesDaddy, but don't quote me on that, pun intended. In my experience they worked alright, but there wasn't a very huge variety, admittedly I only had three tags, but I had hoped for more quotes.
     You have options to choose the colors, location, font, and size, really everything you could want. (The option to pull quotes from a text file would be pretty cool, somebody should code that in.)
     In addition to quotes you can also get a clock, which just lets you pick the font and size for the clock and date. However you can do further editing, you just have to edit a .conf file, more information can be found here:

     So what if you want to take OUT some variety? Say you want to focus on a certain color, or have a certain minimum resolution? well thanks to the Color and size tab you can do just that.

     As you can see I have some options checked, and honestly I haven't noticed that the background images are mostly dark, but then again I'm not exactly sure what would be considered dark and what would be considered light. I tried the color option out once, but indexing my, rather large, collection was just taking forever so I turned it off before I really had a chance to see how it worked.

     To make Variety blend in perfectly with your desktop you have a few options under the Customize tab.

     I've not really messed around with anything on this tab, save for the color style of the Indicator icon.

     Variety has a few tricks up it's sleeves, and you'll find several of those, oddly enough, on the Tips and tricks tab.

     Remember how I was telling you about how you can define your own effects for images, well you'll find that information on this tab. I'll give you a hint, you have to edit a text file, and use ImageMagick commands. You're newly defined effects will be listed in the Effects tab and you can turn them on and off the exact same as you can with the defaults.

     The donate tab, just a simple message from Peter saying if you really like the program and would like to show your support you can donate via paypal, and then he, ever so politely, asks for us, the users, to help share the word, which hey, I'm doing right now, by writing this post, and you can do by sharing the post, or writing one of your own.