Trim Profiles for Blender

My latest submission to

      I've created about thirty trim/moulding profiles, using curves in Blender, because I used curves you can easily trim up a room just by using a curve with interpolation set to vector and not have to worry about getting good corners with a mesh version.
     I'm going to add more profiles to this blend as time goes on and I want to add some more textures and a little system for creating picture frames, right now I'm having problems with that, because of the rotation needing to be different than for the trim in the room, haven't been able to find a workaround, but I'm sure there is one.
     This model is released as CC0 so do with it as you see fit, and enjoy. I always enjoy feedback, so let me know what you think.

Download here:

Update: I added about a dozen more profiles to the blend file, if you downloaded it before, you might want to download the updated version. 12-08-13