Tricks to speed up freestyle rendering

    Freestyle is a fairly new feature in Blender, and there is much learning to be done on the topic. Today I'm going to be giving a few tips on how to speed up your freestyle renders.
    These tips only apply to those that are just using the freestyle lines, and not layering that on top of the rendered mesh. On a very simple scene I was able to save a tad more than a second in render time simply by removing the light source, and my end result was the exact same.
 Render time with light: 3.24
Render time without light: 2.19
     In much the same fashion turning off textures will save render time.
Render time with textures: 3.13
Render time without textures: 2.19
     Border render sometimes will give an increase in speed, sometimes not it depends on a variety of things, so I suggest you try, if you have a scene where you can use border render. In my test scene I was able to shave off about half a second when rendering.
     Do you have any other time saving tips for freestyle rendering? If so leave a note in the comments, or link to your own blog to share the information with others, and get in a plug for your own blog too. :)