Skeleton gnomes

     So once again its Halloween time for those of us in retail. This year new on the plate is skeleton gnomes. I must say, I've never understood what the deal was with gnomes, every spring/summer we get a collection of them and they always sell. Some smart person probably decided to tap the gnome market for Halloween, and I must admit we've already sold out of a couple, so the demand is certainly there. I only have one problem with these gnome skeletons, and that may be surprising, that I only have one problem with them and not many, but look at this picture of this female gnome.

     Notice anything even slightly odd, look at her dress and skeleton, notice anything amiss? I'll give you a hint, skeletons are bone, most body shape comes from fat and muscle. WHY WOULD A SKELETON HAVE BREASTS??? Oh, thats right, they don't, well not real skeletons. Male and female skeletons are almost exactly the same, the only minor differences being overall size and the female pelvis bone is a little more round, something to deal with childbirth. So if overall male and female skeletons are the same if  the female gnome has breasts the male should as well, sadly we're sold out of the male so I can't show a picture of him. Lets take a look at some actual skeleton pictures.

     Notice that, you can't really tell the difference between a male and female skeleton, and if one were to put a dress on a skeleton it would hang right on the bones, which would mean no breasts, sorry dudes that made this design, but it ain't good.
     The question is why? Why make a female skeleton gnome and give her breasts, would not the dress be enough to signify her femininity? Or does this have deeper roots, hyper sexualization?
     My personnel opinion on this is lack of reference material and a male designer who thinks of woman mainly as breasts and objects of sexual gratification, its sad when something like a gnome skeleton is being formed into a sexual object, not that I have any particular fancy for gnomes, 'cause I don't, but because it shows just how some men look at women.