Sexualizing Reptiles!?!?!?

     Reread that post title, let it sink in for a moment. Yes you read it right, in this enlightened year of 2014 we're still turning non-sexual objects into sexual ones, kinda sad isn't it. So how are we doing that, take a look.

     Anything strike you odd about this garden sculpture? Reptiles, wearing bikinis. Notice the problem? Think about it, reptiles, they lay eggs, and they don't feed their young milk, and to top it off, they don't even have breasts. Yet some "genius" decided to put this crocodile/alligator in a bra, and give her breasts. Sorry to break it to you whomever designed this, but it's not anatomically correct.
     It gets better though people, don't leave just yet, I've not even mentioned the suit bottom, first off it just looks plain goofy, and secondly, well it's best explained with the following video and following text, watch the video first though.

      "Alligator feces are more similar to bird feces than to mammals. Unlike mammals that usually urinate and defecate out of separate receptacles, an alligator usually eliminates both its "urine waste" and excrement out through an opening called a cloacae (translated as common sewer). It's "urine" is not like mammal "pee", but it is instead equivalent to the white part of bird poop. And so alligator feces are usually composed of two parts just like bird poop and would have a whitish portion and a brownish/green portion. How much of each and the exact coloration is determined by the diet." ~ Naturalist Instructor from St.Louis Zoo.

     That suit bottom just makes no sense, it's not covering anything, as a crocodile/alligator's reproductive organs are hidden underneath their their thick hide are only are visible during mating, furthermore they are located just below where that bottom ends, so they'd still be visible anyway. As I told my co-workers once, "Didn't they do their research?" This is clearly a case of no research and solely based on sexual attraction.