Second blog post "attacking" pastors

     Second blog post "attacking" pastors.
     I know many people probably don't think this is a big deal, many people probably don't even notice, but please stop generalizing everything so much. So today in the morning service the pastor/preacher, don't know which he likes to be called, kept saying all of you do this, all of you do that, you all struggle with this, don't even think you don't, 'cause you do. He basically said all people in the world have the problem of X. I sat there listening, thinking, you know, not everybody has that problem, not everybody thinks that, not everybody struggles with these things. You have the gall to tell me I'm lying to myself if I say I don't have this problem. I'm trying to think of one of the things he was accusing everybody of having, but I tuned him out when he started talking like that.
     I'm sure if the pastor at the congregation I'm attending says this, others must as well, 'cause most pastors go to some sort of school to learn how to be a pastor, something I've never done, nor ever plan on doing. I have my Bible, dictionaries, concordance, and unlimited research tools at my disposal, thanks to the world wide web. Why should I dump money in some school to learn things I could learn on my own in studying for sermons? That's neither here nor there, and has no connection to this blog post.
     There is a congregation of ah, say 100 persons, do you really think you can say everybody here has this problem? Of course if the problem is sin, you could say that to a crowd of all the people on earth, and you'd be right, but when it's something like, oh for example pride. You don't know that everybody struggles with pride, or has a problem of pride. Some people know just how miserable they are, myself included, I have nothing to be proud of, just a filthy dirty rag in God's eyes. Please tell me, why would I be proud of that?

     I'm going to try and start taking notes and debunk more of the illogical things I hear at this baptist church that I have to attend, until my dad finds something he doesn't like, and then we'll leave, and look for another church, as we've done for as long as I can remember, and my dad always says we should try to make friends with people at the local churches, and it's like why, we'll leave soon, and never see them again, and then they'll be hurt because our friendships will be destroyed, and I can't do anything about it. That's not important though, and not something I am going to blog about, as it is none of your beeswax. :)