Sarah's Choice (2007)

     I recently had the pleasure of obtaining a great film called Sarah's Choice, and keeping with my theme I have a review.
Rebecca St. James - Sarah Collins
Logan White - Megan
Dick Van Patten - Pastor Smith
Brad Stine - Clay
Staci Keanan - Denise
Ethan Cooper Roy - Jack
Julian Bailey - Matt Evans
Robert Miano - Henry
Sidney Mason Gunn - Jill
Sean McGowan - Chad
     The Plot:
     The movie opens with Sarah employed in a large business firm. An big account opens up, because the woman who had been managing the account got pregnant and was quiting to care for her child. Sarah wants that account because it will bring in extra money, which will help to pay her rent, and old bills that are hanging around from her father's death.
     When Sarah starts feeling under the weather for days in a row, and throws up a few times, Megan, her friend and college, decides that Sarah might be pregnant, and has her take a test, which comes back positive. Sarah's world comes crashing down, what to do, she must make a choice. Sarah tells her boyfriend who is shocked and at a loss for words.
     When Sarah goes to an abortion clinic with Megan she forgets her scarf and goes back to get it, and while in the elevator back to the ground level she is confronted by an older woman who gives her a Christmas card and tells her she will have three visions. Sarah does have three visions as the woman predicted and the visions help Sarah make her choice.
     My two cents:
     This was really great film, which I can recommend for all ages, even though it deals with abortion and pregnancy there is absolutely zero mention of sex, or other mature topics. If you love the music of Rebecca St. James you'll want to see this film.