Rolling Flip Shovel packaging fail

     So here is a picture of the cover of a box, take a nice long look at it. Study it, look for all the potential errors they could possibly be. Look at all the small details, maybe enlarge the photo if that is what it needs.

     Did you notice anything wrong, amiss, odd at all?
     Let me show you another picture, with some of the problem areas highlighted.

     Look at her boots, do you see any snow on them, she's plowing snow with this shovel thing, but there is no snow on her boots? How do you shovel without being in the snow.

     Look at the wheels, is there any snow on them. No matter how good the plow is, there has to be some snow left behind, and that snow would undoubtedly be on the wheels.

     Look at the plow blade, there isn't any snow stuck on it, I don't care how great the Teflon is that is used, or whatever coating they use, some snow will stick to the blade.

     Lastly, and I didn't circle this at all, because it's very subtle, and probably wouldn't be noticed anyway, but if she is plowing snow in the cold, and it would have to be pretty cold for this type of snow, there should probably be some breathe that is in the air, but depending on cameras and stuff you might not notice that.

     Of course this picture wasn't taken outside, it was in a studio, with bright lights, fake snow, and all things photoshopped. Adding a few small elements would have greatly improved the believability of the image.