The Pretender (Christiano Films)

The Pretender, a Christiano Film (1987)

     I just recently obtained this film, and only last night watched it. I was on the edge of my seat, constantly wondering where the next turn was going to be, what the next surprise would be.
     Here's a breakdown of the plot, don't worry, I won't spoil anything.
     Keith, played by Mark Rose, is on nearly every girls blacklist in the school, his claim to fame, dating a girl to get what he wants, and then dumping them. Keith turns tables and fakes getting saved to get a date with Dana, played by Crystal Robbins. Keith's salvation is all just an act, and he enlists the help of his buddies to convince people that he really has turned around and is living for Christ. Frank, played by Dan Addington, is a believer who is shocked at Keith's recent change, but comes alongside and disciples him. Keith takes what he learns from Frank and uses it to manipulate and con others into thinking he really has changed.
    As I said before I was on the edge of my seat, parts were pretty predictable after a while, but I was never quite sure what exactly Keith's next move was going to be, that it was going to be sneaky, and deceiving was sure.

     Characters: Honestly I don't know how many films any of these people have been in, but here is the list of characters:
Mark Rose    ...     Keith
Dan Addington    ...     Frank
Crystal Robbins    ...     Dana
Donnie Keshawarz    ...     Nick
Jeff Glover    ...     Dean
Jon-Eric Davies    ...     Tony
Jack McHaney    ...     Richard
     In the end, I would recommend this film to everybody. Entertaining, and an excellent lesson as well.