New Youtube Endcards

     If you follow me on Youtube, and actually watch any of my videos to the end ;) you've probably seen my endcards, amazing bits of work they are. The endcards, not my graphics. For those that don't know what endcards are; youtube added a feature that lets a creator put four links as cards on the end of their videos. The cards can link to playlists, videos, a website, a subscribe link, and possibly more. They are useful for keeping people viewing your content and help drive traffic to associated websites and such. Even better than all that though is how they can be imported from existing videos, meaning that no longer do you need to manually add every element to each video, just import from a video that already has the cards in the right locations and I'm done, a huge time saver.
     I created a handful of endcards, just white writing, I had planned to have it animated, but image sequences didn't want to work for me in Shotcut, though it might work now, active development. Anyway I started just using a single image, if you've seen them you know exactly what I'm talking about.
     I've been talking with an admin from a server that I've been recording an LP on, Milan from Illuna, I'm calling you out. He suggested many things, some of which I've been working on implementing, as they do seem like good ideas, and maybe he'll give me free stuff in game if I follow his ideas. :D He suggested changing around titles so they mention what happens in the episode, rather than just being an episode number. I have a few video that I've done this too, though at the time of writing they are yet unlisted as I have videos for the next two months just waiting to be published. He also suggested that I improve my endcards, as they are pretty horrid(my words, not his).
     After thinking about the endcard redesign for a while I've finally gotten around to working on something. Fittingly enough my sample is for the Illuna server, but I'll be updating them all.Sample endcard
As you can see I'll be listing the server's address directly, I may put the server name in as well, still need to play around with the layout a bit. The subscribe button stays the exact same, but the link below that, where it says Website server page, will be linked to the server's page on my website. That page links to the server's website, if applicable, IRC channel, other LPs, forums, etc, etc. The series playlist will be just that, the playlist for the series, it could help encourage people to watch more videos in the series. All my LPs have their own playlists, so this is super easy to implement, and my mod reviews and tutorials have the same, so I can easily link those playlists on those endcards. Where the graphic says Video #01 I haven't decided what will show there. I could leave it blank and not have a card, or do a channel trailer, if I ever made one of those. Youtube gives several options, they have one that selects the video they think the watcher is most likely to select so I could do that. As mentioned previously, still working out some of the details. I feel like I should mention that the black squares, white text, and the background image won't be on the videos, just the text and dropshadow, it'll be overlaid on the last twenty seconds of the video.
     I like the idea of letting people know what days the episodes are released. Obviously things would be tweaked around for other series, and I'll be using different fonts. The font for the video thumbnail will be what I use for the endcards, same with the colors, I want to build consistency within these different playlists. I should probably use the same fonts and colors for all my videos, but it's too late to try and go back and change up 400+ videos. As series die and new ones are born I could work on that, but that's a topic for another day.
     So what do you think about it. Am I missing something that should be added, is there too much text, should I remove things, let me know.

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