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     I'm starting work on a new Minetest subgame. You're probably familiar with my Survive! subgame, and that was a good starting point, but things have gotten to the point where things are just far too unorganized, and it will be best to just start an entire game from scratch, rather than modding default_game.

Why start a new subgame?

     Well for me it's mostly about compatibility and good code. In my Survive! subgame there is code for plants in default, plants, farming, food, desert_life, and survival. This makes compatibility difficult because when I need to make a change to something global about plants I need to change code in all of those mods. Optimally all plant code should be in a mod called plants, then when I need to change something there is just one mod I need to look at, functions can all be shared between the plants with no difficulty, and best of all, I can easily use tables for the registrations of all the plants and craft items that the plants create.

What is the goal of the new subgame?

     The goal will stay the same as the Survive! goal, survival, but there will be a back story and a mystery to try and uncover. I can't give away too much here or it will spoil the game, and I'm going to do a video on planning where I'll be talking about the back story some more, so stay tuned for that. I also want to start my own server at some point, and this subgame will be what I run on the server, so I'll be developing with multiplayer aspects in mind.

Do you have any plans?

     Funny you should ask, yes, lots and lots of plans. Many things that I was working on, and things I've added to Survive! will be reused in this new subgame, and lots of new things are planned. I do intend to include Mesecons, Orienteering, Pipeworks, and Technic, though I will be changing around recipes on them, and possibly some gameplay aspects. I think the biggest change will be the removal of global chat, rather than everybody being able to see any chat message, chats will only be sent to people within a certain radius, to create a more realistic game, and to up the difficulty, oh did I mention this will be difficult to play by yourself and will work best with a group of friends.

     That's it for now, I'll be writing more as work progresses and will be doing weekly videos as well. There are a lot of aspects of creating a subgame from scratch that I haven't much experience with, and I expect to run into a myriad of problems as I go along.

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