March '17 Earnings

     The Month of March went by so quickly, but that is what happens when you're busy doing what you love. Nothing too much to report this month, I continued to pump out Youtube videos at a maddening pace. I should probably say recorded videos at a maddening pace. Believe it or not, but I already have a few videos ready for the Month of June!!! I did start a series of Blender tutorials, and those have been received pretty well, and I'm assuming with time they will become decent earning videos, as there are tons of people that want to learn how to use Blender outside of the Minetest community, which is kinda my target demographic with most of my other videos. A larger interested audience means more views, which in turn means more money.
     As always you can find the full report of my earnings here, and if you find a few extra coins you can throw them my way here.

     Just for fun I've decided that I'm going to start assembling money in the denomination that I've earned for the month and use that as the posts cover image.

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