Published: Wed, Mar 16 - 2016
     I've been playing Minetest on a certain server, and have been watching things through the IRC quite a bit, and I've noticed multiple times while just watching the IRC that people are talking about being griefed so I thought to myself, there must be a way to create a little script that can run through the logs and detect bad behavior. I'm no expert when it comes to the command line and bash, but I bashed a little something together, (pun intended) and created a working script.


cd $(dirname $0)

TIME=$(date "+%y-%m-%d")...
Published: Wed, Jan 13 - 2016

     Throttling your internet might seem crazy, I mean why would you ever want to have slow internet? Well consider this, you have multiple machines on the same network, a couple laptops, a few desktops, cell phones, tablets, you get the idea. Say you decide you want to upload a video to youtube, but don't want to eat up all your upload speeds doing that, now if you had a nice router you could probably limit the upload speeds on a device basis, but for those of us that are stuck with garbage routers that isn't an option. Introducing TC, this has been around for years I'...

Published: Sun, Oct 19 - 2014
     So I'm working on a fire mod for Minetest, and I've been wresting with formspecs for a while. I'm still no expert but something did just click in my mind, and 'cause I didn't notice it being documented very well any place, I thought I'd write about it.

     Every formspec is just a layout, which is called and used by a function for the node/item. The best way to visualize a formspec is with a grid, like this.
  x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x...
Published: Tue, Oct 14 - 2014
     I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything on my blog, but that's not why I'm posting something now. This post is for all the people that are upset that Mojang sold Minecraft to microsoft, which honestly if I was in his/their shoes I would have done the same thing. Didn't they get like 4.8 Billion, or was that million, either way, it's a goodly lump of cash.

     Enough talk though, lets get to some show. Introducing Minetest.
     Yes I know, it looks very much like Minecraft, and there is a...
Published: Wed, Jun 4 - 2014
     Is there a certain youtube channel that you subscribe to, or don't, but you want to download there new videos when they come out, well then you're in luck, 'cause in this post I'm going to be telling you how to achieve this. You're going to need a few scripts, but don't worry its all painless, and if I could figure out on my own, you can figure it out with my instructions. ;)
     First things first, you're going to need to have a script installed on your system called Youtube-dl. (Source and installation instructions here) and then you're going...
Published: Thu, Mar 20 - 2014
     Firstly let me mention my system specs so you will know if this is going to help you should you be facing the same problem. I'm running Linux Mint 15, 64bit version, and have an Nvidia gtx 660Ti graphics card. My desktop environment is Cinnamon, version 1.8.8 but I expect it should be the same in future versions, though I haven't verified that.
     I just recently got myself a new, to me, 23" monitor and decided that like any true geek I'd double up my screen space by using both the new and the old monitors. Plugging them both in was no trouble...
Published: Fri, Oct 25 - 2013
     I'm hoping that this blog post will be useful to some people, who such as myself are taking the plunge and building their own computer, well I've already built my own computer, and am now sharing some of the things I learned. Don't plug anything in until you have everything put together, you don't need the system live when you build it, you're only asking for trouble. Instructions are useless. You heard me, USELESS, not because you don't need them, but because they are so poorly made. I'm not suggesting you don't look at them, or read them, no, not at all, please...
Published: Fri, Sep 27 - 2013
             Welcome back, if you haven't read part 1 you can find it here.

     We'll be looking at more of the options that Variety gives us, starting with the Manual downloading tab.
     Manual downloading is actually pretty cool, say you're browsing the web, and stumble upon a cool picture that you'd like to have as a desktop background, well you can just click'n'drag that image, or URL and drop it on the Variety icon in your status bar and the image will be saved to your...
Published: Fri, Sep 20 - 2013
     Everybody likes a little variety in their life, be it Linux distros, themes, icon packs, or wallpapers. Well today I'm going to be telling you about a program that can bring you some variety to your desktop wallpaper. For those of you that are regular readers of my blog you'll probably remember my posting about a program called Cortina which is a very simple way to automatically change your wallpaper, but maybe you want something with a few more options, and more features, then look no further than Variety.

     Variety is a feature...
Published: Wed, Feb 20 - 2013
     Its tax time again, a time to dread or anticipate, depending if you are getting a refund or have to pay. Most state will require you to pay any sales taxes on purchases online, or through the mail, that you haven't already paid sales tax on. Keeping track of these purchase can be a chore, and adding them all up at the end of the year, requires finding all the reports of purchases you made without tax. Starting now though you can make next years tax time easier.
     Many people keep track of their finances with software, and I'm no different...