Lacey Sturm - Life Screams

     Life Screams is the first solo album from Lacey Sturm (former lead singer of Flyleaf), and was released on February 12th 2016.
     My relationship with Flyleaf has an odd start, back in two-thousand eight Third Day released their album Revelation which had a track "Run to You" that featured Lacey. I fell in love with her voice right away, and shortly thereafter discovered Flyleaf, and have been a fan since.
     As a long time fan of Flyleaf I was saddened when Lacey made the decision to leave Flyleaf, her solo album is like a refreshing drink of water on a hot summer day. Everything that I liked about Flyleaf she brings back on her album. The album clocks in at just over thirty-eight minutes and doesn't disappoint.

     The album opens with Impossible which starts with that great low bassy, grungy guitar sound, and has some great screams as well, you know the album is going to be great within the first thirty seconds. The message is pure positivity, every day a miracle, we're living the impossible, the signage, the wonder. When the world looks at us as Christians they should see a huge difference, everything we do is a miracle, the very breath in our lungs, life, so impossible without God. We get to be here and now, living, making a difference.

     You're Not Alone, starts with hospital sounds of somebody flat lining, just the machine, no voices. Lacey then sings a very encouraging message about how death isn't the end and how God is always there for us and one day we'll see the loved ones we've lost

Favorite Track:
     Would I be a horrible person if I listed two tracks? Maybe I should rename this section to favorite song, because one isn't technically a song... Anyway Vanity, which features the rapper Propaganda is a spoken dialog between the two of them. I just like the way it sounds, and how it perfectly introduces Rot.
     The other track, Roxanne, which is a cover of some British band's song. Usually I'm not a fan of Christian bands doing covers of secular artists songs, can't we come up with better music that the rest of the world, but I digress. The song is about a woman trapped in human trafficking, in a red light district. The Lacey delivers as only she can on this track, complete with screams and all. While the song is about human trafficking it is totally PG rated, and Lacey is imploring women to leave the scene/industry. The message is clear, the scene is horrible, but there is freedom, you don't need to fix yourself, come as you are. I do have a teeny bone to pick with the lyrics, but that is solely because it was originally recorded by a male band and is now being performed by a woman. In one verse she sings "I won't share you with another boy." which was initially a little confusing, don't worry peoples, she isn't leaving her husband or two little boys.


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