Ingress & Junk Stores saved my butt

     My day started not unlike any other, and I decided, around four o'clock, that I would go out to the local junk store(thrift/second hand store) and on the way back try and hack a few portals in Ingress. I ran out to my car, it was only like twenty degrees out, and climbed in. I put the key in the ignition and the radio came to life, I buckled myself in, safety first, and turned the key to start my car, the starter tried to turn over a few times, and then clicked. I tried several times, with no luck, I assumed that I must have left the lights on or something and that the battery was just dead, so I headed back inside to get a jump starter, both of which didn't have enough of a charge to help anything. I decided that I would have to charge the battery so I headed inside and looked on youtube for some instructional videos. After seeing what all I needed to do I grabbed some tools and went to work. As soon as I got the air filter cover pulled off, it covers the battery, I saw the problem, the positive terminal was all corroded. I took the cable off and cleaned things up as best as I could and then connected things back up and tried to start my car again. Once more the starter just clicked. I knew from my experiences with the UTVs at my workplace that a clicking starter usually means a dead battery, so I pulled the battery out and put it on a charger.

     So how did Ingress and a Junk store save my butt? well had it not been for those two things, I wouldn't have tried to start my car, and wouldn't have tried starting it until I had to go to work next, which would have resulted in my not being able to get to work on time, and getting docked for arriving late. So because of my obsession with junk stores, and good fun games I discovered the problem with my car before it because a serious problem and was able to get it fixed without really having any inconvenience.