I want to kill myself

     Yes, you read that right, I want to kill myself. There are so many fun and novel ways in which one can end their life, I'd love to try some out, knowing of course I can only pick one, 'cause once I'm dead I can't die again. HOWEVER as it turns out committing suicide is frowned upon, and if you don't succeed you might be placed under mandated psychiatric observation.
I don't get it though, it's my body, why can't I do what I want with it. Is it only because I'm a man? I always hear people saying that women can do what they want with their body, in regards to abortion. See it doesn't make sense to me, a woman can choose to kill her baby, so long as it's not born yet, because it's her body, so why can't I choose to kill myself once I'm grown, it's my body, is it not, maybe even more so than a baby in a mothers womb. Admittedly there are those people that argue that a baby is their own person from the moment of conception, so it's rather likely that when a woman has an abortion, and is justified in doing it, because it is her body, there is a chance that she's killing somebody, something that's not her body, and that's okay. But the minute I want to kill myself, which clearly is only me, there isn't any chance whatsoever that it might be another person as well, that's a no go. Where is the logic in that? Where are my rights? A woman can have an abortion because it's her body, I can't kill myself 'cause why? Is my body not my body? People need to stop fighting for womans rights, and fight for the rights of people in general. If I want to kill myself I should be able to do that, and not get thrown in jail, or an asylum for trying, it's my body people, why should it matter what I do with it?
     What? you don't like that logic, you don't think I should be able to kill myself, you think there is good reason to have laws saying suicide is illegal? What would that reason be, and why would that reason not apply to murdering babies, still in their mother's womb. We've clearly seen that the fact that my body is my own does't make it okay for me to kill myself, so why is it that we can kill babies under the guise of them being part of their mothers' body? We're supposed to live in this age of equal rights, if a woman can kill her baby, 'cause it's part of her body, I should be able to kill myself 'cause without a doubt it IS my body. Ya know we can flip that around, I can't kill myself, so we shouldn't be able to kill babies, even if they are just a part of the mothers body.
     I really love it when people post these long reasons for why abortion is legal, and okay, like it's part of the woman's body. Oh really, so mind explaining to me why my body isn't my body? Or why the fact it is my body doesn't make it okay for me to kill it?
     Seriously, why don't we let people kill themselves? Is it because we value human life, and think it is precious? and if that is the case, why do we let millions of babies get murdered every year at the hands of the abortion shops. What's the difference, is it because they are small, and dependent on their mother for their life? If that is the case, here's a news flash, I'm totally dependent on MYSELF for my life, if I don't eat, I'll starve, if I don't drink, I'll dehydrate. If I don't have a job I won't be able to get money to get food, drink, housing, etc. So because I'm totally dependent upon myself I should be able to commit suicide, right? Don't we all wish, alas no. Even though we all as humans have to depend on ourselves to live, that still doesn't give us the right to take our own life, and yet somehow that makes it okay to take a babies life.
     Life is precious, no matter if it's a baby in a mother's womb, or a homeless person on the street. If we're going to say it's okay to kill a baby we should let people commit suicide, and if we're not going to let people commit suicide we shouldn't let people kill babies. Be consistent people, get out and vote for somebody that is going to fight for you and your beliefs, be that saving babies, or letting people end their lives, you are the most important piece in this puzzle we call life, and you need to make sure your voice is heard.

     I heard/read once that the best way to get people to read something is to give it a really dramatic title, this was as best as I could do. :)
     You'll be hearing from me soon, unless we decide that it's okay to just have a big free-for-all killing spree, then I might not be back for a while, gotta rack up the best kill streak. ;)