I punched somebody in the face!?!?!

     I work at a major retailer, as many of you might know, I also happen to spend my summers out in our Garden Center, dealing with plants and garden type stuff, its loads of fun, EXCEPT for SOME PEOPLE. You had to know it was coming, right?
     So the other day, Sunday the 11th to be exact, I was at work, stocking freight, answering questions about plants, showing people where sale items are, the usual for a weekend at work, when it happened. This older lady came up to me, with a younger woman following her.* So here's how it went down. The lady asked me if she could get a discount on a bag of Milorganite that was torn open, nothing too unusual in that, we get it all the time, and we do discounts as well, as we can't sell a torn bag at full price. I called over the radio to my manager asking him what we could do on the price, he said five dollars, which is a full dollar off the sale price, and the bag wasn't even missing very much, most people would have been happy with that answer, but not this lady. She DEMANDED to speak with my manager. I called him again on the radio, letting him know that this lady wanted to talk with him. He said it would be a minute 'cause he was busy helping people inside with patio furniture. I relayed the information to the customer. She then asked if we had any busted open bags of soil in our bargain area. I told her I wasn't sure, but could run over and check real quick, which I did, and there was one bag. The one end was completely torn open, and there was a decent sized gash on the upper half of the bag as well. She decided she wanted it, so I carefully loaded it up in her cart, trying not to let more soil spill out, but I guess I didn't try hard enough, as she complained that I was spilling dirt, and told me to scoop the dirt that had fallen on the ground up to put it back in the bag. This is about when I started wanting to punch her in the face.
     We made our way back to the fertilizer and she started complaining that my manager hadn't gotten outside yet, as if she is the only customer in our store, or the only person that matters. She wanted me to tape up the bag of soil, so I ran around on a merry chase trying to find somebody that had tape, nothing in the Garden Center, nothing at the Hardware desk, I found some at the Building Materials desk, so I borrowed that, swearing to bring it back once I was finished with it and dashed back outside. My manager had finally been able to get outside and this lady was arguing with him about the price. Saying things like, I should get more money off, I spend a lot of money here, I've bought generators, and compressors. Last year I got it for less. etc. I was thinking to myself, if you don't like the price, don't buy it. Go to our competition and spend a dollar more for the exact same stuff, or get a bag that isn't torn open, and then we won't be ripping you off. She did decide to take full bags instead of the two torn ones she had initially chosen.
     So I started taping up her bag of soil, the gash on the top wasn't too bad, a couple strips of tape and it was all good. nothing spilled while taping that. I had to lift the bag to a standing type position so I could tape up the end and while doing that a little dirt spilled in the cart. She literally yelled at me, not in a raising her voice type of yell, but a very commanding voice, told me to collect the dirt that fell on the ground, and was on the pipe that constructs the cart. About this time I was ready to tear her face off.
    Now that everything was taped up and she was done haggling over the prices everything is good, oh wait, no its not. She then decides that she needs grass seed for her front lawn, because it has a lot of dead spots, so I walk her over to the grass seed. She asks me what she should use, and I ask a couple questions about the lawn/yard so I know what type of seed she should get, and then point out what would be best for her scenario. Get this, she tells me that what I suggested is too expensive and she wants something cheaper. So I show her what I have that is cheaper, its like a dollar less, its not really the best seed for her conditions, and is mostly annual seeds, but she wants the cheapest. She starts going on again about how seed is so expensive, and its not right for us to charge so much, again I'm thinking, if you don't like the price don't buy it, you not buying seven dollars of seed from my store isn't even going to effect us. After asking me a dozen time, I kid you not, if there isn't anything I have that is cheaper she finally decides to get the seed and then says this. Get me a bag that's full to the top. I had already explained that they were three pound bags, and would cover approximately 750 square feet, for a new lawn.

     Some people, thankfully very few people, make me really hate people. She is one of them. In all my years of working retail, at two locations, there was one guy at my last job that made me hate people, and now this lady at my current, at the time of writing, job. I deal with so many people though that the good people that are genuinely thankful massively outweigh the grouchy sourpusses that I have to deal with once in every great while.

*Pretty sure the younger woman was driving the older lady around as the older lady said she didn't want to get her, referring to the younger woman, car dirty.

No I didn't actually punch anybody, or tear anyones face off, though I sure wouldn't have minded doing it. In a month or two this will be something I'll look back on and laugh about.

Be cool peoples, and be nice to the retail workers, they don't make the rules.