February '17 Earnings

     February has been a record breaking month here at, uhhh, whatever we want to call this, my website and online presence, I guess. I hit five-hundred subscribers on youtube on the 23rd, which is super exciting. I recorded a fun video where I read, or try to read, the names of all my subscribers. If you're interested in hearing me mispronounce your name feel free to check it out. The fun doesn't stop there though, this month I broke the five dollar mark in youtube earnings, five dollars and twenty-four cents to be exact. At this rate I should be getting my first payment from YouTube/Google in a month or two, which will finally pay for my Yeti microphone. :) I knew buying it would be a good idea. :D
     Oddly enough I made two cents off of ads on my website, not sure how I managed to pull that off, as I haven't been making any money from them in a while.
     As always you can find the full report of my earnings here, and if you're feeling overly generous you can throw some money my way here.

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