Published: Sun, Apr 7 - 2013
     Second blog post "attacking" pastors.
     I know many people probably don't think this is a big deal, many people probably don't even notice, but please stop generalizing everything so much. So today in the morning service the pastor/preacher, don't know which he likes to be called, kept saying all of you do this, all of you do that, you all struggle with this, don't even think you don't, 'cause you do. He basically said all people in the world have the problem of X. I sat there listening, thinking, you know, not everybody has that problem,...
Published: Sat, Feb 9 - 2013
     So I was looking at some social networks, looking at stuff my liberal relatives posted/shared, and when I do that, I usually end up with lots of good blog material, like this picture.
     Liberals and their ilk, love to try and trick people, try and make them think something is something it isn't. Like this graphic. On face value it looks good enough, if you don't like something, don't do it. I agree with that, if you don't like swimming, don't go swimming, if you don't like loud music, you probably shouldn't go to a rock...
Published: Sun, Dec 30 - 2012
     Look at these images, notice anything odd about them?  
     Take another look at the first image, notice the small hand on the lower left, with the words "Try Me" What is this toy again, a Rattle and Teether, I'm suppose to let my child chew on a toy in a story to try it out before I buy it? GROSS!

     Mythbusters, busting myths is what they do, right, so why do they say, "Things like velocity(also knows as speed)," Not True, MYTH.
Speed: Rapidity of movement or action: "excessive speed"; "the...
Published: Thu, Nov 15 - 2012
     I stumble upon the "greatest" stuff when I'm on facebook, so glad people find this stuff for me, and I don't have to go looking for it. Anyway let me lighten the mood by telling a funny joke, and no, I don't expect the mood wasn't light already.
     Q: Why was the moon so sad?

     A: He was down to his last quarter, and arcade games cost fifty cents each.

     WHOA, suddenly my joke isn't funny any more. I'm just devastated that my joke is so lame,...
Published: Thu, Oct 25 - 2012
     Yes, you read that right, I want to kill myself. There are so many fun and novel ways in which one can end their life, I'd love to try some out, knowing of course I can only pick one, 'cause once I'm dead I can't die again. HOWEVER as it turns out committing suicide is frowned upon, and if you don't succeed you might be placed under mandated psychiatric observation.
I don't get it though, it's my body, why can't I do what I want with it. Is it only because I'm a man? I always hear people saying that women can do what they want with their body, in regards to...
Published: Mon, Sep 17 - 2012
     So here is a picture of the cover of a box, take a nice long look at it. Study it, look for all the potential errors they could possibly be. Look at all the small details, maybe enlarge the photo if that is what it needs.

     Did you notice anything wrong, amiss, odd at all?
     Let me show you another picture, with some of the problem areas highlighted.
     Look at her boots, do you see any snow on them, she's plowing snow with this shovel thing, but there...
Published: Mon, Aug 27 - 2012
     It's the day you've all been waiting for. A Logic Fail from somebody that claims to be a Christian. I do not know this individual, but they are a friend of a friend, and my friend shared this image, from them, on my facebook wall.   

     Not in the picture, but as their caption on the image they had this, "Psalms 18:2 'Yahweh is my rock, and my fortress, my deliver, my Creator, my strength, in whom" for whatever reason they didn't have the full verse, so I'll give you a full copy of the verse. Psalms 18:2 The LORD...
Published: Tue, Jul 24 - 2012
     In the wake of the Colorado theater shooting politicians and people are going to be pushing for "gun control"* as if one more law will stop somebody from going on a shooting spree. This guy went into a theater, where, from what I've heard, you weren't suppose to have guns. He's broken one law, shooting people, another law. There probably are more laws he broke as well, but did any of the laws stop him? NOPE, he broke 'em all. So would one more law have stopped him? Really people, think about this, a criminal is breaking the law already, does he/she really care how...
Published: Thu, Jun 7 - 2012
  Image from:

      Ohhhh, be careful when they start using the old emotion trick. Doesn't this image, just tug at your heart, make you forget all logic, and believe just what it's saying? Whenever somebody has to rely on emotion to make you agree with them, you gotta be careful. So lets dissect this, by reading it, I am led to believe that we are suppose to think that Guns, Warships, and Rockets are bad, or even EVIL, is that the case though? (I'm going to...
Published: Mon, May 28 - 2012
     At face value this looks like its a great cartoon, all about religious freedom. However its Logically Flawed. Say we start our own religion, and lets be honest, hasn't a man, or woman, started every religion that exists? So we have this hypothetical religion, I'll probably refer to this a lot in this blog so we'll give it a name, Logicalism. Okay Logicalism teaches that men should beat their wives, government laws are to be laughed at, and we must always drive at minimum twenty miles over the posted speed limit. I used murder before, when I shared this...