Don't like, don't do.

     So I was looking at some social networks, looking at stuff my liberal relatives posted/shared, and when I do that, I usually end up with lots of good blog material, like this picture.

     Liberals and their ilk, love to try and trick people, try and make them think something is something it isn't. Like this graphic. On face value it looks good enough, if you don't like something, don't do it. I agree with that, if you don't like swimming, don't go swimming, if you don't like loud music, you probably shouldn't go to a rock concert. Face Value this graphic is perfectly alright, however its what the liberals imply by it. When they post anything like this, here is what they mean, if you don't like what I do, don't do it, but don't try and stop me, or tell me its wrong.
    For fun I recommend doing this, comment on their post/graphic/whatever and say, don't like murder don't kill people. More like than not they'll post something asking why you are posting that, then you can turn their words against them. "Well you just told me if I don't like something I shouldn't do it, but not to tell you its wrong, or that you shouldn't do it, so if you don't like murder don't kill people, but don't tell me its wrong to kill you, 'cause after all if you don't like something you shouldn't do it, but your not liking it shouldn't effect anybody's ability to do it." There's a pretty good chance they'll say something like this, "I never said that." and then you can ask, "So what did you mean?" I bet 90% of the time they'll not say anything, some may even delete the post.
     The problem with this graphic, isn't the graphic, as I mentioned before, its true, the problem is the way people use this to say you shouldn't tell them to not do things. Can you imagine the chaos we'd have if this was used in court.

     "Judge Sir, this man stole my car."
     "Hmm, well what do you think about theft?" replies the judge.
     "Theft? you mean steeling, well its wrong, this guy stole my car, he should give it back, and be thrown in jail."
     "Well we need to ask the "thief", maybe he doesn't think theft is wrong. How about it, oh thou accused?"
     "Hey, if you don't like theft, don't do it, but don't try and stop me from steeling stuff."

     Silly I know, but if it wouldn't stand in the court of law, why should it stand anyplace else?
     What's really funny, in an ironic sense, is the person that shared this, wants guns taken away from people.
     Who defines the rights? because last I checked gay marriage is not legal in a bunch of States, so this would have to mean that the laws don't effect our rights, because they claim to have a right to break the law. Last I checked abortion is murder, and what about the rights of the baby? Is anybody asking the baby if they want to be aborted? Aborting your baby is taking the right of life away from the child.