Depression vs. Happiness

     Depression is an mental illness, so what's happiness? Come on, be real, it's a mental illness right? Use some logic. If depression is an illness, happiness would also have to be.
     First, what is the difference between depression and happiness, actually lets look at what is the same first. Both are states of mind, or a mindset. You decide to be happy, you decide to be depressed. Both words are nearly defined exactly the same in the dictionary. Depression: The state of being depressed. Happiness: The state of being happy. What is the difference between the two, we like to be happy, we don't like to be depressed. Why is depression tagged as a mental illness though? I've never heard anybody say they struggle with happiness, yet my, once best friend, said she struggled with depression, as have hosts of others. I'm a happy person, I am always happy, its a decision I've made, I will be happy, I suppose this means I have a mental illness, I struggle with happiness, 'cause I'm always happy. At this point you're probably wanting to leave a mean comment, calling me all sorts of names and cussing, or you're probably thinking something else. Hear me out though. Depression is the state of being depressed, depressed is defined as: Pressed or forced down; lowed; sunk; dejected; dispirited; sad; humbled. The way I see it, there are two ways to get depressed, from others, or from yourself. If others are putting you down or rejecting you stop minding them. What others say about you doesn't make it true of you. For those of you that want to tell me off, go for it, but let this one thing be known, it won't make what you are saying true, and it won't make me fell the teeniest bad, I've learned an important life lesson, that everybody needs to learn, don't take everything you're called to heart, learn to ignore the haters. Now the second way you could be lead to feel depressed, yourself. If feeling sad is making you feel depressed might I suggest you decide to be happy. You're already making a decision, to be sad, why not change that to being happy? Think about it, honestly, wouldn't you rather feel happy than feel sad? So why are you go around feeling sad, feel happy, decide to be happy, and guess what, the depression will just melt away and it will be replaced with happiness.
     So why don't psychologist offer to take our money when we are happy, why don't they label happiness as a mental disorder? I think it's twofold. A: People want to be happy, so we'd all laugh them off, if they said that. B: They wouldn't make any money off of it. Let's analyze a little further. Would anybody pay somebody else to make them not feel happy when they want to feel happy? NO, that would be like me paying you to steel all my money, it'd be stupid. Any marketing person will tell you this, to sell a product, or make money, you need to offer a service people want. People want to feel happy, they don't want to feel depressed so what did some cunning people come up with, Mental Health, Depression is a disorder, you can't do anything about it, you NEED our help. Take this idea, feed it to kids for a few generations in the public education system and what do you get? BINGO, steady income. Kids that have been taught they can't control their feelings, they can't stop feeling depressed without professional help, and that it's not their fault. Now this whole, not your fault bit is huge. Nobody likes to feel as if they are to blame, so to ensure that people don't think it's their fault they are depressed, which could keep them from visiting a psychologist, they decided to add that being depressed isn't their fault, now there isn't the guilt, there is no reason to feel bad about visiting the psychologist, because I'm not in control, it's like I have cancer. It's nothing I've done, or didn't do. These guys are no idiots, they're a sneaky, keniveling bunch, and they'll do whatever it takes to get their hands on your money. Really, when is the last time you heard of somebody being "cured" of depression? never, ya, I thought so. How come, millions of people are being treated for it, you'd think somebody would be cured, but guess what, if somebody is cured, their goes counseling sessions, there goes income. A psychologist would have to be a fool to tell one of their clients that they are cured, it'd be like kicking somebody out of a store and telling them to never come back, clear loss of revenue. Because there is no test, or scientific method of telling if a person has depression or not, a psychologist can get a person trapped into coming back over and over, simply by saying they still have the disorder, and no matter what the individual might say they'll never be able to prove they don't, because it's not something you can find in a test tube, or test for.
     If you've read through all of this, kudos to you, if I've influenced your opinion on any of this, kudos to me. If you want to leave a comment and tell me off go for it, but if you use any profanity, or say anything not kid friendly your comment WILL BE DELETED. I don't tolerate anything that isn't kid friendly.