Brother MFC-J430W Ink Refilling

     This printer is one of the easiest printers I have filled the ink in. Opening the cartridges is a snap, literally. You will need to do a little cutting, so I hope you are comfortable with a knife, the cutting is very minimal, and easy to do.

     You're going to need some supplies to do this.
 A knife, or tool to cut the plastic of the cartridge, a small flat bladed screwdriver, to open the cartridge, some flush cut pliers might be necessary as well, and a cartridge, of course.

You'll also need a drill, or the small drill bit that comes with your ink filling kit.

     The ink cartridges are REALLY easy to open, and unlike my picture, you don't have to open it all the way, you can just take off the back half.

     Use the small screwdriver and insert it into the small hole on the top and bottom of the rear half of the cartridge, as the picture shows. There is a small tab that you need to press inward so the outer cover will pop off.

     Now comes the part with the knife. You're going to have to make a small cut, so you can drill the hole to fill the ink though. This opening is just through the upper tab of the plastic, DO NOT cut into the ink reservoir.

     We need to drill the hole now. I always use a power drill, because it doesn't seem as if the little bit that comes with the kit ever drills through, using a power drill does require you to be a little more careful.

     Before you actually fill the ink, take the plugs that came with your kit and make sure they will fit into your hole, and push in fairly deep, as you can't have them sticking out above the plastic part that you cut out or the cartridges won't stay in the printer.

     It might be necessary to cut your plug, just removing a side, so the rear portion of the cartridge will slip back over the actual part that holds the ink.

     Now comes the ink filling. I don't really think I need to explain that. Use the syringe and take the ink from the bottle and put it into the cartridge, and then plug the hole with the plug that came with your kit.

     You can save yourself work down the road, and not put the back portion back on the cartridge.

     The cartridge will stay in the printer without the back portion on it. If you do put the back half back on, you will have to remove it when you fill the ink again, because it's nearly impossible to remove the plug with back part on, though it might be possible. I really don't see that there any advantage to putting the rear portion back on the cartridge, save for the looks of it, which you don't see anyways, because you have to have the ink cover closed to do any printing, but do what you want. :)

     As always I can't be held liable if anything goes wrong, though this process is pretty simple. Filling your own ink probably voids some warranties, so don't sue me if anything goes wrong, you've been warned. Honestly I've never had any trouble with any of my refilled cartridges.