Basic Religious Freedom


     At face value this looks like its a great cartoon, all about religious freedom. However its Logically Flawed. Say we start our own religion, and lets be honest, hasn't a man, or woman, started every religion that exists? So we have this hypothetical religion, I'll probably refer to this a lot in this blog so we'll give it a name, Logicalism. Okay Logicalism teaches that men should beat their wives, government laws are to be laughed at, and we must always drive at minimum twenty miles over the posted speed limit. I used murder before, when I shared this image on facebook, but people accused me of talking poorly about the Muslims, so I choose my religious freedoms a bit more carefully this time. Logicalism needs to be granted freedom right? After all, if you give me a speeding ticket, you are disregarding my basic religious freedoms, you have to let me do anything my religion says I should do. Be that, speeding, beating my wife, etc. People don't like following rules, that shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you, so what's to stop everybody from starting their own religion, and then when they get in trouble for doing something, playing the basic religious freedom card.
     It's logically flawed people.
     I'm not against religious freedoms, don't think that is the case at all, but when we start using religious freedoms to justify all our actions, well we're going to have trouble. I'll say my religion says I can do something, you'll say yours says that nobody is allowed to do it, and what do we do then???

     As always this is not an attack on religious freedoms, the catholics, the Muslims, the pixels that make up the image, or the server this image and blog is hosted on.