I've decided to go through my favorite Linux applications in Alphabetical order, it just seems right, plus then I don't have to try and list them in order of favoritism and figure out all of that. There will probably some posts that are out of order, but oh well.
 So for this first, second technically, post I'm going to be focusing on Audacity, which is the free, cross platform, audio editor.

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Audacity is available on all major operating systems. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, I've run it both on Windows and Linux, and it's the exact same experience, save that on my Linux machine I can't change the input volume in Audacity, and I could on Windows, not a huge issue, and could be just a problem I have with my setup. Audacity is a simple audio editor which should be enough for all but the most demanding user. Linux does offer other, more powerful, audio editors, which I will cover in future posts.

What I LOVE:
      Audacity can import a wide variety of file types, including video files that use FFMPEG, this includes .flv and .mp4, I'm sure others are included as well, but these are the only two I have any experience with. This feature makes this great for grabbing the audio off of videos, say a song downloaded from youtube, or somebody singing something that you recorded with you camera.
     Multi Track support, you can have nearly unlimited tracks, limited probably only by your computers RAM and processing power. Tracks can be muted or soloed, and you can move clips around in the tracks and edit an "envelope" it's a way to control the volume of a track, panning in and out, and anything else.

What I HATE:
     Not a whole lot to put here. I would like it if I could control the input volume directly in Audacity, but again that could be an issue only I am having, and nobody else does have, please leave in the comments if you have experienced this as well.

How to get Audacity:
     If you are running Linux just search in your Software Manager for Audacity, and you can install it. For Mac and Windows users just go over to and you can download the installer and install, the same way you would install any other program. I would imagine so anyways, never used a Mac, or installed anything on one, so I wouldn't really know if the installation for this is the same as any other programs, but I wouldn't see that it should be different.
For WINDOWS users:
     If you want to export as .MP3 you will need Lame_Enc.dll, which Audacity will give you the download location for, so you can download it, I believe their website links to the .dll as well. So if you are downloading this onto a flash-drive to install onto a computer that doesn't have internet, be sure to download the dll right away as well, and save yourself a little trouble.