2007 Honda Silverwing

     So I've had my bike for a little over a month now, time for a review.

     I'm probably the average driver, taking my bike to work five days a week, it's about an eight mile drive. I drove exclusively on city streets until Friday when I took my bike on the freeway, but more on that later.
     Since buying my bike I've replaced both tires, the air filter, oil and oil filter, brake fluid, and used two tanks of gas. What can I say, the bike needed some work, but it was a good deal. I even gave her a bath, only to have it pour out two days later, so much for a sparkely clean bike.
     It performs like a dream, runs smooth, great acceleration, and the gas mileage is incredible, just look at my stats on fuelly.
     Comparing my bike to other peoples I'm getting like ten miles to the gallon more, and I don't know why. Okay so I have some performance parts, K&N oil and air filter but thats it, and I don't have a super conservative driving style, when I'm at a stop with a sports car I accelerate quickly and leave them in the dust, just 'cause it's fun.
     My average speed is probably about forty, though on my drive to work it's not unusual for me to be going fifty, even though the speed limit is forty. That could all be changing though, as on Friday I took the freeway home. I had no trouble keeping up with traffic or in getting up to speed. The bike handled fine, no excessive vibration or skittish feeling. I think I topped out at sixty-five though the bike had plenty more power to give. I've read online that people have taken their bikes up to one-hundred though I don't imagine I'll ever be doing that.
     The 2007 Silverwing has a great design, low center of gravity, and is super comfy. I've had random people come up to me while in the park and ask about it, co-workers have complimented it as well, and I even had a girl say I should put her on the back, which I've yet to do.
     The under seat storage is large enough to hold two full face helmets, or a helmet and some other gear, which is great for when you want take your bike out someplace, but don't want to wear you're gear all day. I've gone to a few local parks, to film for a documentary I'm working on and have had no trouble fitting all my gear in the under seat storage while I'm out filming.
     My final words on my bike. Love It.