As you may have guessed I'm Nathan. I'm a twenty something Linux user, tinkerer, and all around geek. In addition to spending a lot of time and money on computer parts and technology I love woodworking. I've built most all of the furniture in my house, and I've documented most of the build processes which you can read about on the blog or watch on my Youtube channel.

     I tend to challenge the social norms and status quos, for example I like pink, in fact I have a whole slew of pink pens that I bought from jetpens, you should read my blog post about those here. In my free time I'm almost guaranteed to be sitting in my room, at my computers, recording video tutorials, making mods, writing up blog posts, or discovering new music. If I'm not at my computer I'm probably running around with my Rebel taking pictures of something.

     Occasionally I write some posts on the blog over at about Minetest and their servers and mods.

     To keep with the current trend of telling people how much money you are making doing things online I've created a page where I list my earnings and such, you can find it here. Some of the values don't seem to add up, but I deal with a lot of estimated earnings, so you'll just have to deal with it. Unfortunately since Youtube decided my content wasn't good enough I haven't been earning any money via that channel anymore, which pretty much removed all my revenue.
     You can find all the great ways to get in touch with me by visiting my contact page.